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Pumice Stone for Feet - Best Foot Scrubber Callus Remover for Dead Skin - Includes Wooden Bath Tray

Pumice Stone for Feet - Best Foot Scrubber Callus Remover for Dead Skin - Includes Wooden Bath Tray

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  • NATURAL EARTH LAVA PUMICE STONES: Enjoy a safe natural way to treat and care for your feet, free from harmful toxins found in other synthetic pumice stones. Our unique natural and mineral rich lava stones keep your feet feeling soft and smooth!
  • ESSENTIAL FOOT SCRUB PERFECT FOR PEDICURES: Feel your feet come back to life, naturally exfoliating pumice stone helps remove dead skin, stains, corns and calluses to give your feet a healthy youthful look!
  • FOR USE DURING BATH OR SHOWER: Make every day a spa experience. Circle the foot and heel with the callus remover to file and remove excess skin, calluses and corns from your feet and make your feet smooth and happy! Enjoy silky soft heels feet and hands with each use.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN, EASY TO USE: Measures approximately 3" x 4" inches. Your pumice stone fits nicely in your hand with a surface made of tiny little holes. Each pedi stone is lightweight and unique in size shape and color. Regular removal and exfoliating treatment leads to softer healthier and more comfortable skin
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Do You Want To Keep Your Feet Healthy, Soft and Smooth while they LOOK AMAZING in your open heel shoes? Eliminate sightly calluses and corns today! Evolatree pumice stones offer a fast easy solution to your foot care.

This earth lava pumice stone is naturally course making it the perfect grater to file your feet and heels.

Step into the shower or bath, soak your feet, and make it part of your routine - our lava stone helps you remove foot calluses with ease! Don't waste another minute with inferior foot file pedicure tools ... Smooth heels couldn’t be easier. Enjoy a professional spa experience with no more thick dry skin, calluses or corns on your feet.