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Evolatree - Delux Microfiber Hair Wrap - Hair Towel

Evolatree - Delux Microfiber Hair Wrap - Hair Towel

$12.49 USD

This ultra soft delux microfiber hair towel is super-absorbent perfect for wrapping up wet or dry hair. After a bath or shower simply slip over hair and twist as you would a normal towel, then hook over the loop to the wood button to lock into position. Unlike most microfiber this material is soft to the touch and will not catch or snag your skin when handling. This towel is gentle on hair and lightweight making it a perfect travel companion.

  • Executive Quality - Ultra Soft - Plush - Lightweight and Durable
  • Super-absorbent - Less blowdrying - Gentle on hair
  • Wood Button Attachment - No plastics
  • Great for home and travel - Machine Washable
  • Soft to the touch unlike most microfiber